Who We Are


Collora LLP is a boutique law firm composed exclusively of trial lawyers and appellate advocates. We represent clients who need legal advocates both inside and outside of the courtroom to enforce their commercial or civil rights, or to defend them or their business enterprises against attack. Because of our trial experience, we are also equipped to counsel our clients on how to stay out of trouble and prevent liabilities from occurring, and we are committed to doing exactly that.

Located in downtown Boston, the firm is one of the country’s most well-recognized groups of trial advocates, representing both individuals and commercial entities in complex civil litigation, professional licensing and discipline matters and defense against allegations of “white collar” criminal conduct. Our law firm houses one of the largest groups of trial lawyers in the northeast who are experienced in handling these matters.

The firm’s lawyers bring to any client representation a wide array of legal skills and experiences, based not only on their work here at Collora, but their previous employment as: state district attorneys; federal prosecutors; judicial law clerks; law professors and a former Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

The cumulative experiences and track records of our lawyers are perhaps the best reasons that our surveyed clients dubbed us with the brand name of “wise warriors.” They see us as warriors who are not shy, but willing to battle for them or defend them in court. Our clients also describe us as smart enough to know how to avoid the courtroom and how to vindicate them without necessity of trial or publicity whenever possible. That is why we have a reputation and a record of shaping fate rather than being victimized by it.

Our firm is fully committed to its clients. We seek to be valued by them not as mere counselors, but as allies, sentinels and members of their professional family.