Professional Licensing & Discipline


Collora LLP represents licensed professionals facing allegations of misconduct and disciplinary actions that directly affect licensing. Our attorneys counsel a spectrum of licensed professionals, including lawyers, judges and teachers. They help individuals avoid suspension, prevent the loss of their licenses and defend against criminal charges. During this process, we also help professionals maintain their reputations when allegations are dubious, one-sided or unfounded. 

While instances of alleged judicial misconduct are rare, Collora is a firm of choice for judges who need advocates to defend their actions and reputations before the Judicial Conduct Committee. Our lawyers deal with allegations related to the Judicial Code of Conduct, including those related to a judge’s character or fitness to service on the bench. Additionally, we represent lawyers before the Board of Bar Overseers in connection with a variety of misconduct allegations.

Our professional licensing and discipline experience also positions us to provide advocacy for graduate, undergraduate and high school students in connection with allegations of rules violations, misconduct, criminal charges, investigations and any associated licensing concerns. We invite you to learn more about our Medical Licensing & Discipline practice.

Collora lawyers help professionals deal with a range of professional licensing and discipline allegations, including: 

  • Cheating, Plagiarism and Other Code of Conduct Violations

  • Addictions (including alcohol, drugs and gambling)

  • Client Neglect

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Contract Issues

  • Disciplinary Rules Violations

  • Dishonesty and Failure to Disclose Information

  • Due Diligence and Process Requirements for Hearing Panels

  • Financial Misconduct (including commingling of funds)

  • Sexual Assault and Violent Crimes