Ingrid Martin’s Pro Bono Representation Leads to Release


Ingrid Martin is a committed advocate for justice. Ingrid is an experienced criminal defense attorney and civil litigator who volunteered in 2009 to represent Joseph Donovan on a pro bono basis to try to obtain his release from a lifetime prison sentence. Donovan was 17 years old in 1993, when he was tried as an adult and convicted of first degree felony murder. Many, including Martin, felt that his sentence of life without parole was out of proportion, given his age and culpability in a fight that abruptly and unexpectedly turned fatal in the fall of 1992.

Over many years, Ingrid worked relentlessly on Donovan’s behalf and, finally, after a 2013 Supreme Judicial Court decision (Diatchenko v. District Attorney), Mr. Donovan obtained the right to a parole hearing, and he became the first juvenile life without parole inmate to appear before the Parole Board after the landmark ruling. In 2014, Ingrid’s tireless advocacy successfully helped convince the Parole Board to release him after he had spent more than 20 years in prison.

Frontline ran a story on Mr. Donovan this week. He is now reintegrating back into society as a free person.  Watch the story here:  .