Fraud Investigation & Charges


Collora LLP attorneys regularly represent clients facing inquiries, investigations and enforcement actions related to fraud charges. We assist borrowers, lenders, government contractors and commercial companies in all fields dealing with disappointed sellers, purchasers or investors.

We have experience in cases of all sizes involving allegations of health care, banking, bankruptcy, government procurement and government contracting, and mail and wire fraud, as well as False Claims Act and overbilling claims. We are one of a few firms equipped to handle parallel proceedings, assisting clients who face both criminal proceedings and civil lawsuits, helping them navigate a complicated legal landscape and get the best results.

Representative Experience

  • Represented individual and corporate defendants in a number of fraud investigations by the government, persuading prosecutors that cases were meritless or deserved nothing more than corrective actions, such as institution of internal compliance programs.
  • Represented officers, directors and lawyers for failed banks or savings institutions who were accused of bank fraud for undisclosed, risky or improper loan practices in a number of cases. Persuaded prosecutors not to charge or to accept reasonable civil restitution and settlement only.
  • Negotiated a settlement in which our client, a large construction company, was neither charged with a crime nor debarred from public contracting after an 18-month investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Department of Transportation into allegations of fraud and illegal gratuities.
  • Persuaded the government not to indict a large construction company or its president after an investigation of alleged overbilling for services performed in federally funded public sewer project.
  • Represented municipality, mayor and city officials in civil False Claims Act case brought by the federal government, obtaining dismissal of case more than once under various theories against various defendants.
  • Obtained order quashing extraterritorial subpoena related to matter of first impression. Client was an international contractor that was the subject of a state investigation for alleged false claims. Successful resolution thereafter.
  • Negotiated a favorable civil settlement in case regarding defense contractor’s allegedly false claims after two-week jury trial resulting in no debarment or felony charges.
  • Represented corporation and executive charged with participating in multi-million dollar conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Air Force in connection with computer equipment procurement. Client received a probation sentence and did serve any time despite vigorous prosecution.
  • Represented individual client charged with mail fraud in commercial enterprise, procuring complete acquittal by federal jury.
  • Represented a non-profit family services organization investigated for allegedly fraudulent sales of homes without proper advertising and bidding. Persuaded prosecutors that no criminal charge was appropriate, arranging for compliance program to insure that all statutory procedures would be followed in the future.
  • In a money-laundering and wire fraud case, obtained a sentence of home detention only for our client, who was the only defendant out of 13 not to be incarcerated for alleged role in fraudulent land flips schemes.
  • Negotiated the civil resolution of a matter involving a Justice Department criminal investigation of our client, a defense contractor, which was allowed to continue as a federal government contractor with no criminal charges or penalties.
  • Represented national construction company against allegations of fraud in connection with the procurement of government contracts. Case resolved civilly with no penalties or debarments.