Business & Civil Litigation


Collora LLP attorneys are formidable and experienced business and civil litigators. We resolve business disputes for clients and companies of all sizes across a range of industries and commercial contexts. From negotiating out-of-court settlements, to mediation and arbitration, to victories at trial and on appeal, we help each client succeed in the way that makes the most sense for their business. 

We are uniquely equipped to handle complex litigation parallel proceedings, including criminal investigations, regulatory and administrative agency reviews and government compliance and enforcement actions. We understand how to craft strategies unique to a client’s situation, how to address collateral consequences including customer and public relations, and how to reach the best results.  

Collora lawyers represent clients in a variety of business litigation related matters, including:

  • Accounting and Auditing Malpractice Claims 
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims (involving trustees, minority shareholders, etc.) 
  • Civil Anti-Trust and Anti-Competition Claims 
  • Class Action Defense Issues 
  • Commercial Contract Disputes 
  • Cloud Computing and Virtual Machine-Ware 
  • Communications Decency Act Matters
  • Consumer Trade and Massachusetts Chapter 93A Issues 
  • Defective Design, Materials and Construction Claims 
  • Disputes with Suppliers, Vendors and Distributors 
  • Defamation Claims and Libel
  • False Advertising Claims 
  • First Amendment Claims Involving Broadcasting Rights and Defamation 
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation Claims 
  • Governmental Procurement Matters 
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes 
  • Intellectual Property (including copyrights, licensing, trademarks, trade secrets and other proprietary information)
  • Lender and Borrower Disputes 
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements 
  • Ownership Disputes in Partnerships and Closely Held Businesses 
  • Qui Tam Claims
  • Software Agreements and Software Failures 
  • Trade Secret Matters 
  • Warranty Claims 

Representative Experience

  • Won $7.2 million judgment for Fortune 100 client that was damaged by representations contained in opinion letter issued in connection with an acquisition. 
  • Obtained favorable verdict defending multi-million dollar breach of contract claim against a French conglomerate, despite a previous indictment and conviction of client’s manager in connection with alleged contractual wrongdoing. Case involved issues of first impression under the Uniform Procurement Act in Massachusetts. 
  • Won summary judgment in federal court case of first impression involving liability dispute related to execution of wire transfer. Judgment led to favorable multi-million dollar settlement. 
  • Brought and successfully settled case on behalf of banking syndicate that suffered $50 million in damages arguably related to frauds of officers and directors and failures of independent auditor to detect and report those frauds. 
  • Won multi-million dollar award against general contractor in case involving defective materials and workmanship claims. 
  • Obtained summary judgment ruling for national media entity, knocking out defamation claims made in connection with national broadcast of a local trial.
  • Brought and successfully settled suit for revocation of acceptance of $24 million corporate jet that suffered two engine failures during separate flights. 
  • Defended a multi-district civil anti-trust action brought against our client, a foreign company and major raw materials producer. After effective pre-trial work, our client agreed to a nominal settlement in a case involving numerous defendants and alleged damages of hundreds of millions of dollars. 
  • Defended suit for breach of lease agreement and damage to a landlord’s warehouse, where a large corporate client transferred the case to us just three weeks prior to trial, and landlord settled for less than ten percent of the seven-figure amount it was seeking. 
  • Obtained retroactive rate increases plus attorney’s fees for client in a suit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and certain of its divisions engaged in rate setting to obtain higher rates of state reimbursement for ambulance and chair car services. 
  • Obtained favorable jury verdict in case involving ownership dispute at large telecommunications company, resulting in optimal settlement for shareholder clients thereafter. 
  • Settled multiple cases involving public works project and allegations of damages from defective design brought against our client, a globally recognized engineering firm.
  • Obtained federal court judgment in favor of domestic subsidiary of French software company in case involving battle over copyrights, trademarks and source code rights purchased in a French bankruptcy. Case was favorably settled after obtaining judgment and ruling for attorney’s fees. 
  • Won summary judgment for Internet company engaged in e-commerce in lawsuit arising out of alleged defamatory publications on an Internet message board.
  • Obtained injunction for a Canadian software company that made products for supply chain logistics management, preventing former employees from using trade secrets in competition. Received payment for damages and fees in excess of $1 million. 
  • Won summary judgment for national recording company, knocking out claims for substantial damages related to alleged copyright violations. 
  • Obtained a $675,000 judgment in federal court against music down-loaders for copyright infringement violations. 
  • Secured order forcing competitor to stop using biotech client’s name in connection with sponsored search engine links. 
  • Obtained order dismissing our client, a multi-national internet service provider, from a defamation and libel lawsuit in which a $300 million demand was made. Got judgment affirmed on appeal. 
  • Settled multi-million dollar dispute for a software company over software products and related trade secrets controversy. 
  • Represented foreign broadcasting entity in matters involving domestic copyright infringement claims relating to the broadcasting of U.S. professional athletic events.