Independent Workplace Investigations for Employers


Collora LLP’s lawyers have broad, regulatory and civil and criminal litigation experience and bring this experience to bear in conducting independent  internal investigations of potential workplace misconduct.  When concerns are identified –  whether by employees, clients, customers, patients, or the government – our attorneys stand ready to thoroughly to gather the evidence, make credibility determinations and get to the truth.

Our clients know that Collora’s lawyers act quickly and effectively to satisfy their legal obligations when faced with allegations of discrimination, including sexual harassment and retaliation.  Our attorneys are sensitive to business needs, privacy concerns, and the complicated dynamics within every company.   Our lawyers are experienced in implementing appropriate protective procedures and working effectively with law enforcement as needed.

Our experience in conducting independent internal investigations for employers includes:

  • Leading a financial audit following employee reports of company fraud and fiscal misconduct;
  • Conducting  investigations of sexual harassment and discrimination, including discrimination claims based on race, age, national origin and sexual orientation and retaliation;
  • Investigating allegations of assault by an employee when a civil lawsuit is threatened during a pending criminal prosecution related to the same conduct;
  • Evaluating an employer’s exposure to litigation when one of its professional employees has lost his license due to misconduct;
  • Investigations related to government subpoenas, DOL audits, civil investigative demands, and other inquiries and inspections.