Independent Title IX Investigations


Collora LLP’s attorneys assist schools, colleges and universities by serving as independent  investigators in the Title IX context. Our attorneys understand the evolving legal mandates of the federal courts, the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education, as well as Title IX’s requirements for a thorough, reliable and impartial investigation and a prompt, effective and equitable process.

Title IX cases present many pitfalls for schools, including potential litigation by the reporting and responding parties. Skilled and effective investigations are critical to mitigating litigation risks. Our lawyers are well aware of the pressure educational institutions are under to comply with the fast-paced current regulatory environment, to operate under intense public scrutiny and to prevent and remediate gender bias and sexual violence on its campus while affording due process to the accused.  

Deep experience as litigators and specific Title IX investigation training have armed our attorneys with the skills to navigate the sensitive Title IX landscape – gathering potentially relevant documentary and other physical evidence, conducting thorough and effective interviews, treating all parties and witnesses with courtesy and respect, making important credibility assessments and steering toward the right outcome in these highly charged cases.