Medical Licensing & Discipline


Collora LLP regularly represents licensed health care professionals before the various licensing boards in the Commonwealth. While these boards of registration are governed by statutes and regulations, they also enjoy broad discretion in fulfilling their statutory mandates to protect the public and police their respective professions.

We can provide you with lawyers who have an intimate knowledge of each board’s structure, policies and procedures. The collective knowledge, experience, and reputation of our lawyers can provide the critical difference between a positive and negative outcome in a disciplinary proceeding or licensing matter. As in all health care matters, the advice of counsel at the earliest opportunity can also be critical to the outcome.

We successfully deal with many different issues associated with health care disciplinary and licensing matters, including:

•           Alleged Professional Misconduct

•           Alleged Substandard Care

•           Alleged Criminal Conduct

•           Alleged Immoral Character

•           Alleged Conduct Undermining “Public Confidence”

•           Alleged Drug or Alcohol Impairment

•           Alleged Failures to Supervise Conduct

•           Alleged Improper Prescribing of Medication

•           Problematic Disclosures in Licensing Applications and Reports

•           Potential Impacts of Civil Malpractice Claims

Representative Experience

  • Won dismissal of all charges brought by the Board of Registration in Medicine against a psychiatrist for alleged improper prescription of controlled substances to undercover officers after hearing by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals.

  • Won dismissal of charges brought by the Board of Registration in Medicine against a psychiatrist accused of sexual assault after hearing by Administrative Magistrate.

  • Successfully defended a neurosurgeon who was accused by the Board of Registration in Medicine of performing more than 20 unnecessary surgeries. The Administrative Magistrate for the Division of Administrative Law Appeals rendered a decision in the doctor’s favor regarding each of the surgeries, and found that the Board’s expert witness was biased against worker’s compensation claimants that the doctor had served.

  • Obtained a precedent setting ruling from the Supreme Judicial Court that the Board of Registration in Medicine cannot gain access to privileged medical records when investigating a psychiatrist.

  • Obtained full license and limited license waivers of examination requirements for foreign doctors seeking to practice in the Commonwealth on a number of occasions, and resolved prior allegations made against them in order to obtain licenses.

  • Successfully responded to numerous complaints filed against physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses and other licensed professionals alleging professional misconduct, substandard care or criminal conduct.

  • Successfully assisted physicians and other health care professionals in responding to inquiries related to disclosures made in licensing applications and in reports submitted by health care facilities. In many cases, we have persuaded relevant licensing boards that no further inquiry or action is warranted, or that remedial counseling or other remedial action is more appropriate than discipline.

  • Protected the rights of many physicians against whom civil malpractice claims have been filed, insuring that physicians get the full scope of protection to which they are entitled under their insurance policies, and providing advice in the civil case to insure that the physician’s license or standing before the Board is not adversely affected if possible.